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Praise for Volume 2

“The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook Volume 2, released in March 2014, was my favorite gluten-free cookbook of all time. It is tattered and worn and in need of replacing. Volume 2 may afford Volume 1 the well-deserved rest it needs. This is a good cookbook.

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, December 16, 2015

“The recipes range from simple and uncomplicated not needing any special flour blends or a long list of ingredients, recipes like Quinoa Granola, Johnnycakes or Polenta Fries, to more complex, labor intensive recipes like Gluten-free Everything Bagels, Yeasted Doughnuts or Rugelach cookies. What I love about this cookbook and Volume 1 of the same name, is knowing that every single recipe, if followed as written, will result in the most perfect dish that will blow your mind not only in taste, but you would swear, if you hadn’t made it yourself, that to couldn’t be gluten-free.”

Tasty Yummies, November 13, 2015

Praise for Volume 1

“This is a thoughtful, helpful book. After nine years of cooking and baking gluten-free, and especially after doing this for a living, I found much in the book to be a confirmation of what I have taught myself through trial and error. But I still learned from it—I love their trick about how to par-bake pizza dough to make sure we steam out the wetness before making the final pizza—and I still keep it at the studio as a reference. We honestly recommend The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook to anyone who needs to be gluten-free.”

Gluten-Free Girl, August 12, 2014

“There are two reasons why I am delighted to feature this book on Cookbook Corner: 1) I am the hugest fan of America’s Test Kitchen and all associated publications; 2) I am asked about gluten-free baking so often, and without exhaustive experimentation it is impossible to advise responsibly. This title is the sum total of just such exhaustive experimentation, and anyone interested in gluten-free cookery simply shouldn’t be without it.”

Nigella Lawson, May 15, 2014

“It turns out that there are a host of reasons why substituting any old gluten-free flour for your all purpose won’t necessarily work. If you’ve done this, you may have gotten gooey results like mine—ick. If you care to understand the science behind why this is, you should definitely pick up a copy of The How Can it Be Gluten-Free Cookbook … Otherwise, if you just want a good gluten-free pancake recipe, this is the one. THE one. Nobody will even know that it’s gluten-free because it tastes and feels as it should: like a killer, fluffy, flavorful buttermilk pancake. Low gluten eating never tasted so good!”

One Hungry Mama, May 12, 2014

“The mission of the people who work in this kitchen is to test and retest recipes until they are the best they can be. In other words, someone else with a lot of experience and expertise is doing your cooking homework, taking your tests, and cleaning up after. With over a hundred recipes, thoroughly tested and many with possible variations, this can be a great help to those who need or wish to avoid gluten.”

San Francisco Book Review, April 29, 2014

“While two members of the test kitchen staff have long avoided gluten, the idea for the book grew from the steady stream of requests from readers and viewers. But the recipes had to work, and they had to be delicious for everyone. [Editorial Director Jack] Bishop says the gluten-free versions are not always the same as the originals, but they’re just as good. In fact, he prefers the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.”

L.A. Times, April 9, 2014

“Learn modified techniques for kneading, resting and proofing, decide whether to make or buy a gluten-free flour blend depending on what you’re making and start baking sandwich bread that makes the frozen stuff in the health food aisle positively disintegrate halfway through your sandwich with fear.”

Food Republic, March 24, 2014

“Even ultra-experienced gluten-free cooks and bakers will learn something from this thoroughly researched, thoughtfully presented volume. … The simplicity of the dishes belie the innovation contained in this book—it’s a necessary addition to any gluten-free cookbook collection.”

Publishers Weekly, January 20, 2014

“I thumbed through the entire book, filled with so many amazing traditional, classic recipes recreated and perfected gluten-free. But, when I found the sandwich bread, I took a look at the ingredients and decided this would be what I tested, sampled, and shared with [my readers], since if you are anything like me, I know you are desperate for an amazing recipe. This bread is seriously the best I have had yet. Fluffy with the perfect crumb, but not crumbly and gritty. It holds together super nicely, it is great toasted or not, and it has a chew to it unlike any gluten-free bread I have made or had, yet.”

Tasty Yummies

“A friend recently commented that I don’t have enough layer cakes on my blog so I immediately honed in on the Chocolate Layer Cake. Believe me when I tell you that this cake is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Not only does it bake up beautifully, with a tight and tender crumb, but it tastes just like a rich chocolate cake WITH gluten would! I was completely stunned by how delicious it was. To corroborate my findings I had a few friends blindly taste a slice and they enthusiastically gave it two thumbs up. Then when I told them afterwards that the cake was gluten-free they were completely shocked… and kept on eating. If that’s not proof, I don’t know what is!”


“As a person that likes to know how/why things work, I love, love, LOVE the ‘Why This Recipe Works’ notes for each and every recipe. It lets you know why they are using the ingredients or equipment they are using, and what kind of substitutions may work, and what the results of changing the recipe would be. These notes alone are worth the price of this book.”

The Baking Beauties

“We have not had English Muffins in years, but these brought back memories of our pre-gluten free days. They required a little work, but were so worth the effort. Having made many GF flops, I was willing to put in the effort with the knowledge that this recipe had been tested multiple times and would bring us great results. And it did!”

Gluten Free Mom

“After reading almost every gluten-free cookbook worth its salt on the market I feel like I have a pretty extensive knowledge of gluten-free baking and cooking. I am absolutely floored by how much I learned from reading just the first 30 pages of The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook! The team at America’s Test Kitchen tested practically every gluten-free flour blend, bread, pasta, and pantry staple available on the market and shared their unbiased results with all of us in this book.”

Beard + Bonnet

“ATK makes sure you’re doing it right. Like your mother. It’s the mother of gluten-free cookbooks.”

Gluten is My Bitch

“By taking on the challenge of a gluten-free cookbook, America’s Test Kitchen, which has a reputation for rigorously-tested, rock-solid recipes, really did a lot to validate gluten-free baking and cooking as something more than a trend, something worthy of the same technical consideration as anything else in the culinary world.”

Autumn Makes & Does